UFC 222 Results: CB Dollaway Wins via Disqualification After Late Punch from Hector Lombard

UFC 222 CB Dollaway
CB Dollaway Credit: Mike Sloan/Sherdog.com

A wacky ending sequence occurred at UFC 222, as Hector Lombard knocked out CB Dollaway after the bell.

CB Dollaway underwent a significant change in his career for his last, moving up to 205-pounds for the first time in his 24-fight career. Dollaway won his light heavyweight debut against Ed Herman, and in the process stopped a three-fight losing streak. For UFC 222 though, he is back at middleweight.

Hector Lombard has been a disappointing signing for the UFC. The former dominant champion for Bellator lost two of his first three fights in the Octagon, then tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2015. Since then, Lombard has lost four consecutive fights.

Dollaway whipped a head kick around to start the fight, Lombard threw a leg kick in response, which was answered with another head kick. Lombard landed a leg kick, then was caught with a great body kick from Dollaway. Lombard swept the leg out from under Dollaway with a leg kick, and another body kick landed for Dollaway along with a pair of hooks.

Naked kicks continued to be traded, then Lombard rushed in with a left hand that caught Dollaway. Lombard caught a body kick and landed a left straight down the pipe to counter. Dollaway went low with a body punch. Dollaway landed a body kick as the horn sounded, but Lombard landed a beautiful one-two combination to counter. As beautiful as it was, it was clearly after the bell.

Dollaway was knocked out by the combination, and could not get a hold of the situation. After plenty of deliberation, CB Dollaway was awarded the victory by way of disqualification. Lombard’s losing streak continues and extends to five.

Dollaway was carted out, repeatedly asking anybody who’d listen what happened, even after he was given the information, and announced as the victor by Bruce Buffer.

CB Dollaway def. Hector Lombard by Disqualification (Late Strikes) in Round 1 (5:00)