UFC St. Louis Results: Kamaru Usman Claims Unanimous Decision Over Emil Weber Meek

Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Wrestling was the story when Kamaru Usman took on Emil Weber Meek at UFC Fight Night 124.

Returning to the octagon for the second time after getting the decision victory in his UFC debut, Emil Meek had his work cut out for him. He found himself in St. Louis standing across from NCAA wrestler and UFC veteran/TUF champ Kamaru Usman. Usman entered the night undefeated at 5-0 in UFC coming off of his win at UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Branch, where he knocked out Sérgio Moraes in the opening round.

Starting out, Usman landed a quick take down and found himself right in Meek’s guillotine; Usman escaped, ending up on top. Meek worked his way back up to his against the cage with Usman working strikes and looking for the take down. Usman finally got it done with a big slam on Meek. Meek scrambled back up to a knee with Usman sticking close to him. After a failed choke Usman ended up on top and started dropping punches and elbows that left Meek bloodied to end the round.

In the second, Meek came out throwing kicks to keep the wrestler at distance, with Usman working the jab. Usman timed a take down that wasn’t successful but saw Meek’s back pressed to the cage. Usman kept working and got another slam take down for the effort. Again Meek scrambled back up to the cage, only to be dragged down, pop back up and be taken to the ground again with Usman on top. Meek was looking for a Kimura from the bottom. Usman escaped that, and both fighters unloaded. In the end Usman was still on top. The results of the exchange and additional elbows from Usman to end the round left Meek bloodied as he returned to his corner.

To start round three, Meek came out with kicks, just like the previous round. One strayed and caught Usman in the groin causing a brief stoppage in the action. Once resumed, both fighters were throwing until Usman caught Meek and drove him to the ground for more ground and pound. Meek briefly escaped to his feet but again Usman was there to drag him back down. Usman continued to grind out Meek on the ground. Meek was able to explode out to his feet briefly again, only for Usman to slam him back down to end the round. With the final bell sounded, the one-sided decision went to Usman.

Kamaru Usman def. Emil Meek by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)