UFC Fresno Fight Pass Preliminary Results and Recap

Trevin Giles (pictured) featured on the UFC Fresno fight pass preliminary card
Credit: Keith Mills/Sherdog.com

The UFC put on its third-to-last card of the year in Fresno on Saturday, and the Fight Pass preliminary card brought the action!

The UFC touched down in Fresno, California on Saturday with UFC Fight Night 123. Otherwise known as UFC Fresno, the main event boasted a key featherweight fight between Cub Swanson and Brian Ortega. While one of those men could potentially thrust himself to contender status, the Fight Pass preliminary card boasted a trio of fights that promised to bring fans online plenty of action.

At middleweight, Trevin Giles opened the card against Antonio Braga Neto. Giles was looking for another win in his sophomore octagon outing — and this time was fighting in his regular stomping grounds, after making his debut at light heavyweight.

Check back during the evening for a recap of the night’s action!

Trevin Giles vs. Antonio Braga Neto

The crowd got behind Giles early, who was looking to stand and bang. Neto, however, had other plans, and was looking to avoid his opponent’s power, get inside, and take the fight down. He did, roughly halfway through round one. From halfguard, with Giles pinned against the cage, Neto was able to land some solid punches. Elbows followed; Neto would through in a submission attempt for good measure, looking for a keylock. Giles did little to resist from the bottom; Neto would add a knee to the chest.

In the second, the pair again spent the first two plus minutes on the feet. This time, Giles was able to stay standing for the first half of the round, and went to the body. Neto seemed to abandon his takedowns, and looked to return fire. He would clip Giles with a right, but after chasing him down, was himself rocked with a conterpunch. Giles then began to walk his foe down, and was slowly increasing his lead in the striking department. Neto would go high with a kick; Giles answered back with leg kicks, and began unloading right hands on Neto. Stiff left jabs landed as well, and Neto desperately needed this bout to go to the canvas.

Despite the damage incurred in the second, Neto fought with his hands down in the third, and failed to get the fight down. Giles walked him down with jabs and right hands landing nearly at will. Finally, after a little showboating with a windup, a big right hand sent Neto crashing to the canvas.

Trevin Giles def. Antonio Braga Neto by TKO, Round 3, 2:27

Chris Gruetzemacher vs. Davi Ramos

Gruetzemacher pressed forward early only to eat a knee from Ramos. Ramos had an overhand right, but had no issues inviting Gruetzemacher to his guard when the latter caught a kick and they went down. Gruetzemacher landed a few ground strikes before they scrambled back up. Ramos looked to work his jab, while Gruetzemacher pressed forward with leg kicks. Ramos next threw a jump knee that connected, and Gruetzemacher proved to have quite a chin. Another jump knee attempt by Ramos came up short, but Ramos then caught a kick and got the fight down. From half guard, Ramos looked to pass.

Ramos was able to get the action down early in round two, but Gruetzemacher was able to stall long enough that the ref opted to stand them up. Ramos then fanned on a spinning back fist, and was later stuffed on a takedown attempt. Gruetzemacher began to press forward, working a jab and right hand. Ramos went for a desperation takedown, that was again stuffed. Ramos was able to land a counter or two, but Gruetzemacher had no trouble walking through them. Finally, Ramos shot and landed a takedown – only for Gruetzemacher to quickly escape. The battle continued, with Ramos eating a knee before he managed take Gruetzemacher down to finish the round.

Having felt the momentum shift, Davi Ramos decided he’d had enough in round three. Getting the fight down early, he took the back, and, hooks in, sunk in the rear-naked choke. It was right, and the tap came soon after!

Davi Ramos def. Chris Gruetzemacher by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 3, 0:50

Alejandro Pérez vs. Iuri Alcântara

Alcantara held the center of the cage early in the featured prelim bout. The action was slow to get going as the pair felt each other out. Alcantara started off with an outside kick then looked to score a straight left; Perez came back with a big overhand. Iuri was doing a good job creating distance, using his reach well. That said, with so little action, that space wasn’t being utilized. Alcantara threw a few kicks as the clocked ticked down to two minutes; Perez would again come in with a big overhand right, but missed.

With a minute to go, Alcantara went upstairs with a kick, and Perez countered with a right. Another high kick was caught by Perez, who then missed with a spinning back fist. Alcantara initiated a clinch which Perez broke free of quickly; Iuri Alcantara got some air in the dying seconds looking to score with a jumping knee but wasn’t close.

Perez fanned on a kick early, then had a second one caught early in round two. That dumped him on his back, but Alcantara held off and Perez was right back up. Perez was contantly moving but neither fighter was engaging through the first ninety seconds. Perez caught a kick and tried to charge in later in the round, but wasn’t able to make anything happen. The pair finally exchanged with two minutes remaining, with Alcantara landing a clean left on his opponent’s chin. Perez looked for a single leg with about a minute to go, but was stuffed. Another short flurry erupted as the pair traded combos in the final minute, but with so little action, it was a tough round to score.

Perez got the third round started with a jab/cross combination, while Alcantara still settled with using his reach to create space. He was walking forward but rarely engaged; Perez actually looked to be the more active fighter early in the round. A left hook from Perez appeared to catch his opponent, but neither man was able to put more than a strike or two together. Toward’s the end of the round, Perez managed to catch Alcantara with a leg kick, taking his feet out from under him, in arguably the most significant moment of the fight. It then went to the judges, who saw it for Perez.

Alejandro Pérez def. Iuri Alcântara by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC Fresno Fight Pass Preliminary Results

Alejandro Pérez def. Iuri Alcântara by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Davi Ramos def. Chris Gruetzemacher by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 3, 0:50
Trevin Giles def. Antonio Braga Neto by TKO, Round 3, 2:27


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