UFC Oklahoma City: Fight Pass Preliminary Results and Recap

UFC Oklahoma City aka UFC Fight Night 112 Chiesa vs. Lee
Credit: Keith Mills/Sherdog.com

UFC Fight Night 112: Chiesa vs. Lee, otherwise known as UFC Oklahoma City, went down Sunday, with the early preliminary fights airing on UFC Fight Pass. While the top of the card boasted a lightweight bout between Michael Chiesa and Kevin Lee, plus former champs B.J. Penn and Johny Hendricks, the Fight Pass prelims saw more of a mixed bag.

That included a light heavyweight tilt between Jeremy Kimball and Josh Stansbury, lightweight action featuring Tony Martin and Johnny Case, and at a catchweight in the featured fight slot, Jared Gordon vs. Michel Quiñones.

How did the early preliminary fights turn out? Lets take a look.

Check back throughout the evening for our UFC Fight Pass Prelim recap and results!

Josh Stansbury vs. Jeremy Kimball

Jeremy Kimbell opened with a leg kick, but was clipped early by Stansbury. A high kick from Kimbell, followed by a roundhouse kick, came next, and with each, Kimball was leaving his chin exposed. Things could have easily gone South for Kimball in a hurry.

However, in the very next sequence, it was Kimball who found an opening and dropped his opponent. A right hand caught Josh Stansbury, but it was a second, short right behind the ear that threw off his equilibrium and sent him to the canvass. Kimball followed up with some bombs from above, and the ref was forced to wave it off as Stansbury was unable to defend. Kimball by TKO to open the card!

Jeremy Kimball def. Josh Stansbury by TKO, Round 1, 1:21

Tony Martin vs. Johnny Case

Tony Martin had a chance to run up a three fight win streak with a victory in this one. Case appeared a little more active early, light on his feet and throwing kicks. Martin seemed content to settle back and look to throw the odd jab and counter hooks. He’d need to get his feet moving, however, as early on Case utilized his footwork and combinations to stay ahead in the fight.

Martin began finding his range late in the first, tagging Case a couple of times. Case was still finding more success with his kicks however. That allowed Case to set up a stiff jab late as well. A counter left from Martin followed, who then went to work along the fence trying to land a double leg. Case, however, was able to defend.

Early in the second, Martin stopped Case in his tracks with a thunderous punch, but Case showed a solid chin and only appeared dazed for a moment. Martin began coming on strong, pressing the action and stalking his foe while Case tried to circle out of harm’s way. The two settled into a pattern of engage, trade, disengage for a bit, with Martin putting everything he had behind his punches.  Martin began taunting his opponent, yelling “I’m right here, what’s up?!” at Case. By round’s end, Case had been tagged several times, bloodied, and seemed to be slowing. A big head kick from Martin put an exclamation point on Martin’s efforts in the round.

Case went high with a couple of kicks early in the third, but Martin continued to counter effectively. Case was once again bloodied and backpedaling, unable to defend against Martin’s attacks. While Case continued to move forward, he was eating more damage than he was dishing out. A Martin knee seemed to phase him with just over two minutes to go in the ground, but if nothing else, Case proved to have a granite chin. Just prior to the end of the round, Martin scored the first takedown of the bout, sealing the deal.

Tony Martin def. Johnny Case by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Jared Gordon vs. Michel Quiñones

Dana White’s Lookin’ for a Fight alum Jared Gordon faced Michel Quinones in the featured bout of the UFC Fight Night 112: Chiesa vs. Lee Fight Pass prelims. The bout was contested at a catchweight of 149lbs after Gordon missed weight.

Quiones started fast with some kicks, but “Flash” Gordon had no issue answering back with a hard kick to the body of his own. Gordon pressed the action, moving forward and countering. A spinning back kick demonstrated Quinones flashy striking ability, and a flying knee followed that, which may have partially connected. However, Gordon was able to take the back of his opponent against the fence with a full three minutes left in the round.

Once Quiones escaped back to his feet, Gordon opted to go heavy on leg kicks, at one point launch three consecutive kicks to his opponent’s lead leg. Quiones did answer back with a body kick, but all too often Gordon was allowed to connect without an answer.

Between rounds, Gordon played to the crowd, eliciting a cheer.

The second round saw Gordon barely elude (but also barely miss catching) a spinning kick by Quiones early. Quiones then found himself clipped off a 1-2, and Gordon would manage to take the fight down and land in half guard. Gordon would manage to catch Quiones multiple times as the latter tried to work his way up, causing Quiones to cover up. While he would escape, Gordon quickly took him back down, landing hard ground n’ pound as he swarmed. Quiones rolled side to side but was unable to adequately defend, and after rolling over and eating more punches to the side of the head, the ref called it! Jared Gordon takes the second round TKO.

Jared Gordon def. Michel Quiñones by TKO, Round 2, 4:24

UFC Oklahoma City Fight Pass Preliminary Card Results

Jared Gordon def. Michel Quiñones by TKO, Round 2, 4:24
Tony Martin def. Johnny Case by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Jeremy Kimball def. Josh Stansbury by TKO, Round 1, 1:21