Go Behind The Scenes At the UFC’s New Headquarters In Las Vegas


CNN got a chance to go behind the scenes at the UFC’s new headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada — and it’s an eye opener. While construction of the complex began back in 2015 (prior to the promotion’s sale to WME-IMG), the end result is certainly worthy of a 4.2 billion dollar corporation.

Key perks? The Performance Center, which will allow athletes to train smart, and will be offered to fighters free of charge. Also, a shift away from In-N-Out Burger (and likely other fast food joints), as food will be prepped in house at the new facility.

Tag along with Dana White and Forrest Griffin (Vice President, Athlete Development) to get a glimpse inside the facility. While the new death star UFC headquarters is not yet fully operational, employees have begun making the transition to the complex.

Will Anderson Silva be invited?

The promotion’s next event is set for May 13 with UFC 211 in Dallas.


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