Fighting Not In Ronda Rousey’s Best Interest If She Wants to “Raise Kids With Travis” Says Coach

Ronda Rousey media session // Wikimedia Commons

Ronda Rousey was the Queen of MMA right up until she wasn’t. It may seem crazy, but it has been over a year and a half since “Rowdy” has had her hand raised in the octagon. That came at UFC 190 in 2015 against Bethe Correia. Now, according to her judo coach, fighting may not even be in her best interest. Not if she wants a happily ever after sort of life with Travis Browne.

Rousey (12-2) was last seen at UFC 207, getting pummeled at the hands of UFC women’s bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes. That loss was an exclamation point on Rousey’s troubles, which began at UFC 193 in Australia, when Rousey lost her belt, and lost for the first time in her career, against Holly Holm. Rousey went into a sort of public exile, and shunned the media leading into her comeback at UFC 207. When that fizzled, many felt her days in the sport were numbered. Especially given she’d alluded to retirement during a rare media appearance on Ellen.

Now, Rousey’s judo coach Justin Flores has suggested to Submission Radio that Rousey fighting may not be in her best interest. Speaking to the show, he addressed the subject of Rousey continuing in mixed martial arts. “I just don’t know if her body and her mind at this stage in her life, if that’s what’s right for her.” he said. “She’s competed her whole life. Her whole life has been about being the best, and I just think personally, the best thing is for her to kind of be okay with herself not as a fighter.” He went on to add that “I just know the pain she’s gone through physically, doing this forever, multiple surgeries, concussions, broken bones, weight cutting. All those things add up and take its toll, and it’s accumulative.”

Lets not forget that Rousey recently got engaged to boyfriend Travis Browne as well. Family life may be on the horizon.

Flores addressed that as well. “The mileage you’ve put on your body and that she’s put on her body, I just don’t think if she wants to, you know, live a long happy life and raise kids with Travis, which I know that’s the future, I just don’t think that’s something I feel like would be in her best interests” he suggested.

Watching Ronda Rousey fail to adapt in a division that has clearly caught up with her, it’s hard to disagree.