UFC Hall of Famer Wanderlei Silva Interested in Boxing Match

Las Vegas — UFC and PRIDE legend Wanderlei Silva entered the UFC Hall of Fame this past week, joining the Pioneer Wing.

Silva (35-14-1, 1NC) once ferociously stalked the middleweight division of PRIDE, where he reigned as champion with four title defenses, and later the UFC. His violence was nearly unmatched, his style aggressive from outset. Rivalries with Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen, and Rampage Jackson played out over the years, with “The Axe Murderer” finally retiring in 2018.

At the 2024 UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Silva spoke with media outlets including Cageside Press of the honor of entering the Hall.

“I have to say thank you to the UFC, and what better way to end my career,” said Silva, speaking via translator. “I’d say it’s a great day, especially having friends from my training camp, friends from my life as well [in the house].”

It was a great day “especially for Curitiba,” Silva’s home town in his native Brazil, he added. “Three champs, being in the Hall of Fame, it’s an awesome day.” Likewise, a great day for his team, Chute Box.

“I’d say Chute Box is probably one of the best team in the world. Especially, we’re [producing] three great fighters, and having Charles Oliveira represent that team – it’s great.” Along with Silva, Shogun Rua and Anderson Silva also represent Chute Box in the UFC Hall of Fame. Oliveira will no doubt join them some day.

Silva took time out on Thursday to address rival Chael Sonnen. “If I encounter him right now, we have a free fight,” he quipped, adding “I joke, I joke. He’s a good guy, I like him. The rivalry’s done.” Rival coaches on The Ultimate Fighter, the pair didn’t face off for years, with Sonnen finally wrestling his way to victory at Bellator NYC in 2017.

While the UFC Hall of Fame induction was about looking back at Wanderlei Silva’s career, and his MMA chapter is over, the 47-year old expressed interest in boxing this past week. It will all come down to opponent, and it seems Silva hasn’t found the right one just yet.

“I’m still waiting for the scenario to change, and see a great opponent for me. But when I enter the ring, you guys are going to love it.”

Watch the full 2024 UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony with Wanderlei Silva above.