UFC Louisville: Eduarda Moura Makes it Ugly, Denise Gomes Prevails

Eduarda Moura and Denise Gomes, UFC Louisville
Eduarda Moura and Denise Gomes, UFC Louisville weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

Eduarda Moura, the lone fighter to miss weight ahead of UFC Louisville, faced off with Denise Gomes in the third fight in on the Fight Night event’s preliminary card.

Moura had missed by just half a pound, meaning she wouldn’t have much of an advantage weigh-wise over Gomes, though how much she had drained herself trying to make the strawweight limit remained to be seen.

Early on it was Gomes going after a nasty-looking guillotine as Moura closed the distance for a takedown attempt. She wrenched on the neck while Moura tried to pull free, eventually going so and going after the takedown once more. That led to a competitive, back-and-forth battle for position along the fence that was anything but wall and stall. Eventually, Moura would get Gomes to a seated position, but should could not keep her there. Back in the open, Gomes pressed forward, throwing hands only to for Moura to change levels and land a takedown that left them well away from the cage. Moura spent the rest of the round on top, in guard, looking to score damage.

In the second, Gomes had her opponent stacked up on her back along the fence early. After some time spent there, Gomes opted to back off and allow Moura up, though the pair would end up clinching again, going to the ground briefly, though neither were able to make anything happen there. On the feet again, Gomes walked forward, firing her way into a clinch. That led to Gomes driving Moura into the fence, working on a body lick while Moura defended with underhooks and got off the cage. Moura, however, was looking tired, and stumbled looking for a level change. She’s stay on it, pursuing a single leg with Gomes defending and dropping right hands.

Round three saw the pair go back-and-forth on the feet early, Moura working her jab and firing 1-2s. She fanned on a spinning back kick, and finally changed levels to grab a leg, with Gomes quickly working back to the fence for leverage- to no avail, as Moura ended up dragging her down. Not for long, as Gomes popped right back up. She reversed, but was taken back to the mat briefly off a bodylock. With just under two minutes on the clock, Moura again changed levels to grab a leg, with Gomes again showing some solid takedown defense. The rest of the fight played out in similar fashion; Gomes had the edge in striking, but Moura made it ugly in the grappling department despite landing just a few of her numerous takedown attempts.

In the end, two judges sided with Denise Gomes, handing Eduarda Moura her first UFC, and professional, defeat.

Official Result: Denise Gomes def. Eduarda Moura by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)