UFC Louisville: Brunno Ferreira’s Dual Spinning Elbows Knock Out Dustin Stoltzfus

Brunno Ferreira and Dustin Stoltzfus, UFC Louisville
Brunno Ferreira and Dustin Stoltzfus, UFC Louisville weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

Heavy-hitting Brazilian Brunno ‘Tank’ Ferreira starched grappler Dustin Stoltzfus Saturday night at UFC Louisville.

Ferreira is known as the definition of a kill-or-be-killed fighter, having never been past the second round in a fight. With two knockout wins and one KO loss in the UFC, he had a big chance to improve to 3-1 here. Stoltzfus stood in his way. Having once been 0-3 with the UFC, the Pennsylvania native battled back to win two of his last three, but he still needs more work to get to a safe spot. However, Ferreira was the favorite and got the job done after early adversity.

Brunno uncharacteristically retreated from conflict, circling the cage initially except for the few times he attacked. When he went for a big overhand, Stoltzfus was able to slip it and land a takedown. He settled in full guard but Ferreira pushed off and got to his knees. He was not agile enough to fully escape in the next scramble, and Dustin took his back but fell over the top. He instantly went for a kneebar when Brunno got on top. Stoltzfus cranked it a few times, but eventually his prey kicked out and escaped. With one minute left in the round Ferreira caught Dustin with a spinning back-elbow that rocked Stoltzfus. That started forty five seconds of ‘Hulk’ chasing his prey with wide, looping shots. He connected enough to keep Stoltzfus hurt and finally put him away with another spinning elbow.

Ferreira celebrated with his ‘Hulk Smash,’ jumping up to slam both fists into the center of the octagon as he landed. Based on the crowd’s cheers in Louisville, the Brazilian may have gained a new fanbase tonight.

Official Result: Brunno Ferreira def. Dustin Stoltzfus by TKO (spinning elbow) Round 1, 4:51