Punahele Soriano Installed App to Limit Social Media Ahead of UFC Louisville

Hawaii’s Punahele Soriano wasn’t known as the most svelte middleweight out there, but this Saturday at UFC Louisville, he makes the drop to welterweight for the first time in his professional career.

This, from a fighter whose pro debut came at heavyweight. Having lost two straight and 1-4 in his past five, however, has Soriano looking for a change. He makes his welterweight debut against Miguel Baeza, who has lost three straight and been on the sidelines since April of 2022, though Soriano doesn’t expect the time off to be a factor.

“No, I don’t believe in ring rust. I think he’ll be sharp, dangerous as ever,” Soriano stated during this week’s UFC Louisville media day. “Probably more dangerous. We’re in similar situations, and I understand the mindset I was in for this camp. I assume he was kind of in that same mindset, so I expect the most dangerous from the go.”

As for how his power transfers to the welterweight division, Soriano is hoping he’ll be as strong as ever in the cage come Saturday at the KFC Yum! Center.

“I really hope so. I felt just as strong throughout the whole camp,” Soriano revealed. “I actually feel even better. According to the PI, I got stronger somehow.”

That’s a scary prospect for any opponent, as Punahele Soriano is known for his KO power. Aside from his physical prowess, however, Soriano has been working on the mental side of his game.

“Just growing every day. Been working with a sports psychologist at the PI who has really helped me just kind of put things in perspective, organize my life,” Soriano explained. “I feel like I’m cutting out the BS, cutting out the negative thoughts, cutting out all the stuff I don’t need to see and just looking at what’s going to benefit me.”

That includes social media and the often unpleasant stream of negativity that comes with it. Which has led to Soriano stepping away from that. “I felt like I was addicted. I couldn’t look away from it. I wanted to see every comment. A lot of it was, I didn’t want my family to see it. Some guy says ‘oh you’re d*ckhead, whatever, blah blah blah,’ then my friends and family jump on him- I don’t want them to get into that.”

Soriano opted to install software on his phone that limits him from social media apps, the end result being that he’s much happier. “I kind of just stopped caring.”

Watch the full UFC Louisville media day appearance by Punahele Soriano above.