Kane Mousah “Coming to Bring the Fire” at PFL Newcastle

Kane Mousah faces off with Dylan Tuke on June 8 as part of PFL Newcastle, the second event of the 2024 PFL Europe season.

Mousah (14-6), a former Bellator MMA fighter, has spent lots of time working the European circuit for both Bellator and now the PFL, fighting in front of rabid, red hots fans that have garnered a reputation for being some of the best in the sport.

“The English, we’re a mad country. We’re all about our sports, we’re all about fighting,” Mousah told Cageside Press in a recent interview, asked about that fanbase. “Initially we were big on boxing, like the U.S. We’re big on boxing. The Europeans, the French, I’ve fought in front of the French, they’re amazing. I’ve fought in front of the Italians, they’re amazing. I’ve fought in front of the U.K. fans, depending on who’s on these cards, if you get the right names on these U.K. cards, wow, the fans just go crazy.”

Mousah expects that to be the case on June 8, with boxer Savannah Marshall making the jump to MMA, and an army of U.K. talent along for the ride.

“This is going to be one of them cards where all the fans are excited, there’s going to be a lot of knockouts, there’s going to be a lot of tear ups, and there’s a lot of animosity in some of these fights as well. So it’s just building for an amazing card.”

As he has in all of his interviews ahead of the fight, Mousah paid his respects and gave his condolences to Tuke, whose mother passed away ahead of the fight. “I can’t imagine what he’s going through right now, and I haven’t heard any talk of him wanting to pull out of the fight. So I want to commend him for that as well, and once again give my condolences to him.”

That having been said, “this is going to be a fight, this is going to be me coming in there a better version of the man that fought Jakub Kaszuba, a better version of Kane Mousah.”

“I’m going to give him a lot of problems, I’m going to present a lot of problems and I can see me getting my hand raised,” Mousah would later add. “However it happens through that fight on that night, I’m coming to bring the fire, I’m coming to bring the danger and obviously I’m going to get the win.”

Watch our full interview with PFL Newcastle’s Kane Mousah above.