Magomed Magomedov Trained At Home For Mix Rematch

Paris – Bellator bantamweight Magomed Magomedov went home to Russia to train for his rematch title fight with Patchy Mix at Bellator Paris on Friday night.

“I think he’ll be surprised at all angles. I trained at home. Last time I prepared in the states this time I trained at home,” Magomedov told Cageside Press through a translator on Thursday.

“So I had a different preparation. I’ll be 100%. He’s going to see a completely different fighter.”

Magomedov (20-3) will face Mix for the first time since their fight at Bellator 289 in December 2022.

“Every fight is different. Every fight is a fight, but if I have a chance to avenge my loss and win a title that’s a double benefit. Double whammy,” he said.

Being on the big stage fighting for a title once again Magomedov understands just how important and big this fight is. Mix may in fact be the toughest and best bantamweight in the world and taking the title off him will be hard.

“This is definitely the most important fight, title fight, and I want to win the title. I fought a lot of tough guys and Patchy is definitely at the top. He’s a tough guy,” said Magomedov.

“Great fight.”

Watch the entire media scrum with Magomed Magomedov above.