Khaos Williams Looks To “Take his soul from his body”

UFC APEX – UFC welterweight Khaos Williams is back after a year away from the cage, and he returns to face Carlston Harris at UFC Vegas 92 on Saturday night.

“I’m just happy to be back, happy to go in there Saturday and put on a show,” Williams told reporters on Wednesday.

Williams (14-3) looks to build a win streak when he faces Harris at the UFC APEX.

“When I seen who it was man I was just like…I didn’t really care who it was for real. I was just like let’s get it. I’m ready now,” he said.

“When I seen who it was I was like oh yeah man he’s just somebody that’s in the way. I accepted the fight before I really even knew who he was, but after I looked at him I’m like okay man we got a fight on our hands.”

Harris is coming off an anaconda choke submission victory last August, but Williams is looking to dominate and finish him.

“I’m ready to go 15 minutes, but just like I said before all my fights, I don’t none of my fights going to distance,” said Williams.

“Whether I submit him or whether I test that chin out, and take his soul from his body, he ain’t going to last. I know you can’t knock everybody out, but that’s just what I plan on doing. I don’t want it to go to decision.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Khaos Williams above. He takes on Carlston Harris at UFC Vegas 92 on Saturday night.