Bubba Jenkins: “Difference between Kai Boy and a Bad Man”

Chicago – PFL featherweight Bubba Jenkins wanted to make clear that while he respects Kai Kamaka there’s a big difference between the two as they get set to fight at PFL 3: Regular Season 2024 on Friday night.

“Kai Kamaka’s a tough fighter, a scrapped from Hawaii, seems to be really cool,” Jenkins told Cageside Press among other reporters on Wednesday.

“I respect everything about that fighter and his history. I know Max (Holloway) and him are friends. So he’s coming off of a good little ride from everyone in the world watching the Hawaiians do their thing, but there’s a difference between a Kai boy and a Bad Man.”

Jenkins (21-7) isn’t new to PFL, but there are some new faces on the roster following the purchase of Bellator MMA in 2023.

“I love the new faces. It’s not much new faces because I used to be in Bellator so they got to come full circle. I lot of times Bellator kept them away from me, but in the PFL ain’t no politics. You get in that weight class you’re going to have to come see me specially when I’m Playoff Jenkins,” he said.

It’s another season for Jenkins who embraces kicking off the season for the featherweights.

“It’s an exciting process. The season’s getting ready to start. It’s like the rev up. People are showing up, sitting down right before their tv’s on ESPN trying to watch some really good fights,” he said.

“I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Bubba Jenkins above. He takes on Kai Kamaka at PFL 3: Regular Season 2024 in Chicago on Friday night.