UFC 300: Renato Moicano Overcomes Knockdown, Ground n’ Pounds Jalin Turner to Victory

Jalin Turner and Renato Moicano, UFC 300
Jalin Turner and Renato Moicano, UFC 300 Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Top-fifteen ranked lightweights Jalin Turner and Renato Moicano closed out the UFC 300 early prim card portion.

Massive knockout artist Turner and Brazilian grappler “Money” Moicano had styles which clashed in a binary way.

Front kicks to the body seemed to hurt Moicano’s core early in the first round but he was able to clinch up with Turner and take him down, showing that Jalin still has issues with wrestling. Renato controlled the American easily from half-guard for three minutes until Turner got to the fence and wall-walked to his feet. They were fairly even on the feet for a while until Jalin stepped forward with a strong counter left that dropped Moicano badly, left him stumbling until the end of the round, and potentially won the round for him.

Moicano ducked for the legs early in rounds two but this time Turner stuffed it. However Renato kept marching forward with pressure and was able to land a double leg. He quickly passed to full mount and landed ground strikes before hunting an arm-triangle. Turner avoided it but then got hit in the face more as Moicano controlled him from three-quarter mount against the fence. Jalin tried to use the fence to get up but Renato turned him away and slid to half-guard. He passed back to mount and Turner put up no resistance except for slightly turning away as Moicano ground and pounded away, forcing the ref to step in as Jalin covered up helplessly.

Renato Moicano put on his usual brash, loud post-fight interview as he shouted out his new podcast and told Joe Rogan that the UFC commentator and millionaire podcaster could not refuse to be a guest.

Official Result: Renato Moicano def. Jalin Turner by TKO (ground and pound) Round 2, 4:11