PFL 2: Alex Polizzi Thinks Million Dollars “Might” Get Him Into Housing Market

Las Vegas, NV — Ever since rumors first popped up about the PFL acquiring Bellator MMA, light heavyweight Alex Polizzi has had to answer questions about where he’d be fighting.

The problem was, “Easy” Polizzi didn’t have those answers. “Guys, I’m just an idiot who fights in a cage,” he’d tell those asking. “They’ll tell me when they need me, they’ll show me where to go. I go in there, they lock the cage and I get to hit people.”

Polizzi (10-3) knows now, of course. He joins the PFL’s regular season starting this Friday night at PFL 2, in the main event opposite 2023 champ Impa Kasanganay.

“It’s really nice knowing now where I stand with the company, with the merger, that they want me in the PFL,” he told Cageside Press in an exclusive interview this week. “I should have a couple more fights to be able to put on a good show for everybody.”

While Kasanganay is a well-known figure in MMA at this point and a world champion, Polizzi hasn’t been paying too much attention to his opponent and what he brings to the table. He explained why, noting that “I’m sure this is going to become a bane for you guys interviewing me, but I try to keep my snoot out of his fights.”

“There’s a lot of elements to the fight game, and I’m preoccupied with what I’m doing. Impa’s going to do his thing, but me, my team, my coaches, we’ve been working really hard on what I need to do. What elements of my game need to be beefed up, amped up, fixed, in order to make me the best fighter.”

At the end of the PFL season is, of course, not just a title but a million dollars in prize money, accumulated through the regular season, post-season, and finale. That’s a big deal for Polizzi, who joked that it might just be enough to get him into the housing market.

“To be that guy at the end of this, besides just monetarily, which in this market means I might be able to start looking into getting a house – we’ll figure that out,” he stated. “The money, the belt, what really it comes down to, is what all we fighters are looking at, is that title, and knowing hey, we’re the best in the league. We’ve dominated, we’ve won, we’ve earned this top spot. And that’s what we all want. We all want to have that verification that we’re doing the right things, we’re making the right choices, we’re the champ. So it would mean everything to me.”

Watch our full interview with PFL 2 headliner Alex Polizzi above.