Charles Oliveira on Selling UFC 300 Fight: “I’m A Lion Hunting”

Las Vegas, NV — Former UFC lightweight champ Charles Oliveira sees being part of UFC 300 this Saturday as part of his legacy.

Calling the opportunity “magical,” the Brazilian known as “Do Bronx” (Charles from the Bronx) proclaimed during the UFC 300 media day on Wednesday that “this cannot be erased.”

Paired up with Arman Tsarukyan in a bout billed as a lightweight title eliminator, Oliveira (34-9, 1NC) has heard the same old criticisms from his opponent. That he’s a “quitter,” for example, though Tsarukyan would later clarify that he didn’t truly believe it.

Asked about the pairing, Oliveira explained that “actually it’s like a general context. The fact that he’s an up-and-comer in the organization, that he’s been on a bit of a boom. It’s taken a different proportion, a fight with him. What’s at stake as well. Also just to be in an event like this, and be part of this event for the organization.”

“As for what he said, everyone has said the same things,” Oliveira added. “People have said this many times, and look what happened to every single one that said something like that.”

When informed that Tsarukyan had claimed to simply be selling the fight with his trash talk, Oliveira took it in stride. A veteran of the UFC now as well as the promotion’s submissions leader, “Do Bronx” appears to understand the promotion game.

“This is something I’ve learned. 14 years here. I completely understand. Some people sell the fight in a different way. Some people are going to say things, and it doesn’t matter,” he stated.

That’s not Charles Oliveira’s style, however.

“I sell the fight in just one way. When that door closes, I’m a lion hunting. That’s what I do. That’s my style of selling a fight.”

Watch the full UFC 300 media day appearance by Charles Oliveira above.