Jim Miller Not Done After UFC 300

Las Vegas – UFC lightweight Jim Miller has taken part in two of the biggest cards in UFC history, and he isn’t going to call it quits after facing Bobby Green at UFC 300 on Saturday night.

“Nope! For me the biggest thing is how camps go,” Miller told reporters including Cageside Press on Wednesday.

“There’s always challenges. You spend a couple days cutting weight. You go into an athletic event against somebody that’s trying to take your head off. Injuries can happen, but for me the thing that’s going to force me out if it does, is the ability to get through camp in shape and ready and healthy.”

Miller (37-17) has enjoyed a career resurgence following treatment for lime disease. With his healthy in check the UFC veteran isn’t really looking to retire just yet.

“I feel like I’ve got things dialed in. I’ve got a great team, I’ve got great coaches, and I’m using my head. I don’t like making mistakes and I know the secrets for me to get to the fight and it’s really kind of simple at this point. Stay healthy and be in shape, not do anything stupid,” Miller said.

Miller has taken part in UFC 100, UFC 200 and now scheduled to face Green at UFC 300. It’s not something that happened by chance, and it means a lot to the long time UFC lightweight.

“It means I hit a goal that I put on myself, and it was challenging. I think I started mentioning fighting on this card in 2020, maybe 2019 something like that, and we’re here. When I first started talking about it, it was like ok maybe i’ll drag myself to that card right,” he said.

“Because that’s kind of what I was doing for UFC 200. I was having a real rough time in 2015 and early 2016. It was like let’s get through 196 and I’m going to tell Joe Silva and everybody that I want to fight at UFC 200, and we’re going to call it.”

What would Miller be willing to do for UFC 400 and has he thought about it?

“Not yet. I’m still sitting in the fun seat getting to do the cool stuff,” Miller told Cageside Press.

“Maybe ring card girl.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Jim Miller above. He takes on Bobby Green at UFC 300 on Saturday night.