Blagoy Ivanov Says Modern PFL “Looks Different” From Back in the Day

Heavyweight Blagoy Ivanov is known as a man of few words, and he kept things short and to the point this week ahead of PFL 1 in San Antonio, Texas.

Ivanov (19-6, 1NC) was a champ in the WSOF, a precursor to the modern Professional Fighters League. Ivanov admits “the organization looks different [from] back in the day,” he said this week, “but we’ll see on the event. I’m happy to be here.”

Speaking during the PFL 1 media day, Ivanov spoke with Cageside Press about the opportunity ahead of him as he joins the promotion’s million dollar tournament.

“I’m very happy to be in this tournament. Right now, it’s one of the biggest tournaments, and a very good prize, the money,” he stated. “It’s a very good opportunity right now for me. And every MMA fighter. It’s one of the best tournaments.”

Paired up with Bellator alum Sergey Bilostenniy, former UFC fighter Ivanov summed up his opponent. “He’s a tough guy. He’s younger than me, he moves a lot. I watched a couple of his fights, and I think I can beat him.”

Ivanov no doubt feels he can beat anyone. He’s fought in all of the modern MMA powerhouses, from the WSOF to Bellator to the UFC and now PFL. Joe Rogan has called Blagoy Ivanov one of the toughest men on the planet; after all, he has survived any number of fights in the cage plus being stabbed in the chest, left for dead in a three-month coma.

So who has Ivanov’s toughest opponent been? “Man I’ve been to a lot of fights. I’ve fought the top 10 people. In heavyweight, everybody’s tough,” he said simply.

Watch the full PFL 1 media day appearance by Blagoy Ivanov above.