UFC Atlantic City: Bill Algeo Calls Out Puff Daddy, Looks Ahead to Kyle Nelson

Atlantic City, NJ — The man known as “Senor Perfecto,” Bill Algeo, carries a two-fight win streak into his showdown with Kyle Nelson at UFC Atlantic City this Saturday.

Algeo (18-7), from nearby Pennsylvania, is fighting just 90 minutes or so from home, and bringing “a ton of people” with him to the Boardwalk Hall, where he’ll face off with Canadian standout Nelson, who has also won two straight.

“I’ve never lost to Canada, I don’t plan on losing now,” Algeo told Cageside Press during Fight Week, though it’s worth noting that at least as a pro in MMA, Algeo has yet to face a Canadian. “Typically, I’m used to these Canadians being pretty European kickboxers with nice hair and stuff. He [Nelson] doesn’t really fit the bill, he’s much more of a jiu-jitsu guy, a grappler who takes some kickboxing classes.”

Algeo believes he’s better everywhere than his opponent, who has for his part predicted a knockout. “They all say that,” Algeo said of the prediction, “but they all come up short.”

At 4-1 in his last five fights, and with the possibility of a 3-0 run with a win on Saturday, Algeo is beginning to close in on the rankings.

“I’m very close. I’m right outside, and I’ve beaten guys who are flirting with the top 15 as well,” he suggested, while in the next breath downplaying the importance of a divisional ranking. “I don’t really care too much about the number next to my name. I just care about winning and doing well and improving.”

As for any callouts on the horizon for action past Saturday, Algeo, who expressed a desire to fight at The Sphere in Las Vegas in September, went the humorous route.

“Probably Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs. I’ve called out [Anthony] Faucci and [Mark] Zuckerberg, but no response. My man literally built a bunker to avoid me. In the UFC? It doesn’t really matter. We’ll see. I’ve got some callouts for after I win, that I’ll kind of hold out until then.”

Watch our full interview with UFC Atlantic City’s Bill Algeo above.