Robelis Despaigne In A Hurry To Get Top Opponents, Title Shot

Miami, FL – The newest UFC heavyweight to make their debut Robelis Despaigne knows he has short time to make it up to a title shot following his victory over Josh Parisian at UFC 299.

“I’m ambitious and want to be at the highest level. My goal for my next fight is an opportunity to fight at UFC 300. I want a top 15 or top 10 opponent. I’m ready physically and mentally to take on higher-level opponents,” Despaigne told reporters at his post-fight scrum on Saturday night.

“I know in the top 15 there are two Brazilians. Many are already booked, I don’t really know who is busy, so I’m just thinking about rankings. Top 15 or higher.”

The hope is that he can work his way up to a title shot sooner if the UFC grants him a top opponent sooner than later. Fighting at UFC 300 may be a stretch however with the fight card looking rather complete at this point.

“If everything goes as I hope and they give me a top 15 opponent, then a top 10, top 5, after that we can talk about a title shot. In 4-5 fights I’d like a shot at the title,” he said.

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Robelis Despaigne above.

* Translated by Cageside Press