UFC Vegas 87’s Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady: Not Here to Win a Couple Fights

Photo courtesy of Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady's IG (@selwadymma)

Many fighters make their debut in the UFC against one of two people. Either they face a fellow fresh-faced debutant looking to make their name, or they get a grizzled veteran getting one last chance to hold on to their contract. That’s not the case for Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady this Saturday.

Instead of getting one of the usuals, he gets a veteran of the sport in Loik Radzhabov. Twice having gone to the PFL’s million dollar finals, Radzhabov well established in the division and has already taken on some tough names since joining the organization. That’s nothing new to Al-Selwady though, and he was ready when they made the call.

“I’m expecting it. I’ve been expecting it,” Al-Selwady said. “I mean, looking at the fight they gave me at the Contender [Series] itself already gave me a hint of whats to come.”

And he welcomes the path unveiling itself before him. He feels that it’s a sign of the faith that the organization has in his development.

“I believe fights like this, the way they’re treating it – if it’s just going to be tough opponents back-to-back – I just think that’s going to make my way to the title quicker,” he shared. “When you do debut against a debuting guy and you take that easier road of opponents, it slows your timing.”

With that plan laid out, he’s ready to start attacking it. If he takes care of the business that the UFC gives him and follows the course, he believes he’s ready for big things and soon.

“I believe that the tough guys that they’re throwing in front of me, I have to do my duty and beat them,” Al-Selwady said. “Because I don’t believe I don’t believe I’m just going to win a few fights in the UFC. I believe I’m going to be UFC lightweight champion.”

You can catch his bout with Loik Radzhabov at UFC Vegas 87 this Saturday from the Apex. The fight card begins at 1:30pm EST on ESPN+.

You can hear the entire audio of this interview at 30:52.