Abdullah Al Qahtani, Set for PFL vs. Bellator, Says Aggression Behind “Reaper” Nickname

Saudi Arabia’s own Abdullah Al Qahtani will be fighting at home at the upcoming PFL Champions vs. Bellator Champions event later this month, a massive opportunity for the featherweight fighter.

Al Qahtani, known as “The Reaper,” boasts a 7-1 record so far in his career and has won both of his fights under the PFL banner. This fight, against Edukondala Rao on Feb. 24, is a little different.

“PFL is a big platform for all fighters, it’s a big event also,” Al Qahtani told Cageside Press this week. “All the PFL events, it’s big. It’s an honor for me to be in the PFL. Also now, PFL is going to come to Saudi Arabia, in my home. With my people and with my team, I will fight with my team. It’s a big deal.”

While Al Qahtani is not the only fighter to sport the nickname “The Reaper,” it’s well-earned in his case. The label was first affixed by his teammates, who were impressed by his aggression in competition.

“Because they see my fights and also, we are going to do a jiu-jitsu tournament, and they see me, how I win the fight. It’s with an aggressive way,” Al Qahtani explained. “Also in jiu-jitsu, I do it with an aggressive way. And also in MMA when you see all my fights, it’s a bloody fight. I want to make good damage, more blood, more— it’s something crazy. It’s not just a regular win. I want to make damage, I want to kill something. This is why I make this nickname.”

Asked where that aggression comes from, Abdullah Al Qahtani added that “I feel it’s something inside me. When I go in the fight I feel free, a free man. I want to do something, I want to do everything. I don’t know, it’s something inside me.”

The PFL has made big moves in the past year and a half, with signings like Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul, and the purchase of Bellator MMA. Al Qahtani is excited to be a part of it all.

“Now PFL, they do something crazy, something big. I’m very happy I’m with the PFL now because PFL now is just bigger than bigger than bigger than before. And also, all PFL fighters, it’s a big name. It’s not just anyone can be in PFL. It’s not a small thing, it’s a big [thing], and also they get bigger and bigger.”

Watch our full interview with PFL featherweight Abdullah Al Qahtani above.