Neil Magny Comes From Behind, Finishes Malott At The Buzzer

Neil Magny and Mike Malott, UFC 297
Neil Magny and Mike Malott, UFC 297 ceremonial weigh-ins Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Budding Canadian MMA star Mike Malott failed his first top-fifteen test against veteran Neil Magny at UFC 297.

Magny has the most fights and wins in UFC welterweight history, and is known as a bit of a gatekeeper. Currently on the worst run of his career, losing three of his last five, Magny went into Malott’s territory for this one. After three quick finishes to start his UFC career, including one in Vancouver in 2023, Malott had a rare opportunity to become a big name in the sport with just a few more wins. However it was not to be, as Malott was finished just fifteen seconds away from winning a decision.

Malott began the fight by coming forward and leg kicking Magny, something Neil’s last opponent had success with. Magny tried to enter on a body-lock but Malott reversed it and got back to striking. Neil held his own on the feet, but Malott maintained a lead with his leg kicks. Mike defended the second attempt at grappling with ease as well. Magny’s leg began to look unstable in the final minute of the first round.

Mike Malott spoke early in round two with his hands, scoring with a clean right straight. Magny became aggressive out of frustration and charged right into an awkward takedown from Malott, who stood back up after a moment. Neil looked to clinch up in the next sequence but Malott reversed and took him down. This time he stayed in Magny’s half-guard until he passed to mount. Malott controlled him from there and did damage consistently for the full final minute of the second frame.

Despite being down 20-18, Neil Magny could not avoid getting taken down to start the third round. Malott attempted a mounted guillotine but Magny was able to wrestle up. However Malott got a co takedown again by lifting a single leg high and tripping out the standing leg. Malott controlled Magny from full guard but could not advance, and Neil wrestled up eventually. Mike jumped the guillotine and ended up on the bottom, going for a leg lock. Magny defended and ended up taking mount himself with one minute left. He took the back when Malott rolled over and began pounding like crazy on a visibly tired foe. Malott got flattened out completely and, after multiple warnings, the referee stepped in.

A failed guillotine attempt costed Mike Malott his winning streak, a top-15 ranking, and gave Neil Magny a chance to stay in a class of the best welterweights in the promotion at thirty-six years old. He moved into a tie for fourth all-time in wins in UFC history, and extended his divisional records.

Official Result: Neil Magny def. Mike Malott by TKO (ground and pound) Round 3, 4:45