Colby Covington Claims “Completely Different” Fighter Ahead Of Third Title Shot

Colby Covington finally returns to the UFC Octagon this coming Saturday, after what will be 651 days since he last competed.

During the entire lead up to his fight with Leon Edwards at UFC 296, the narrative has been his inactivity and whether he is deserved of another title shot. But none of that matters come Saturday night when he will look to cash in on his third title shot.

Despite the recent inactivity from “Chaos”, he did travel to London back in March to be the backup for the UFC 286 main event between Edwards and Usman.

At the UFC 296 media day, Covington explained that he wants to defend the title in the UK if he is successful on Saturday, as the UK fans were ‘robbed’ of another title fight earlier this year.

“I feel like I need to go and defend this title in the UK because they got robbed of a PPV main event title fight so I feel bad for the fans in the UK, they deserve better than what Leon’s done to them, but that’s why they were all screaming for Colby when Leon was fighting over there, they didn’t even care about him because he has no redeeming qualities, the guy is a complete joke he’s low IQ.”

Despite being 35-years-old, Colby has claimed that he is a ‘completely different’ fighter to who competed last year against Jorge Masvidal.

“I can beat him everywhere for sure, I love that everyone is saying it’s a striker vs grappler matchup, you can watch all the tape you can watch on me but I’m not the same fighter I was the last time I stepped in the Octagon, so Saturday night you’re going to see a completely different of myself and I’m going to outclass Leon. I’m going to bring out the dog in me and bring out the quitter in Leon.”

Watch the full UFC 296 media day appearance from Colby Covington above.