Sunday MMA Quick Hits: Jason “Mayhem” Miller Pens Heartfelt Letter, Heads to Rehab

Jason Miller
Jason Miller Credit: Taro Irei/

Jason Miller is looking to cause less mayhem and has checked into rehab, while Billy Goff is lucky to be alive after a nasty car crash. Plus, former UFC star Matt Riddle has been released by the WWE, and fans are already blaming Dana White. It’s your Sunday MMA Quick Hits for September 24, 2023!

Billy Goff in nasty car crash, still expects to fight again this year

Billy Goff, who was victorious at UFC Singapore recently, is lucky to be alive after getting into a nasty car crash recently. Thankfully, Goff is alive, in good spirits, and plans on fighting again, according to a post he made to social media this past week.

Speedy recovery, Billy!

OAM’s reaction to PFL Championship poster is hilarious

“Lady and the Tramp” — we’re dying.

The PFL Championship goes down November 24, 2023 in Washington, D.C., and Olivier Aubin-Mercier is questioning the promotion’s choice of poster for the main event title fight between himself and Clay Collard. In particular, it reminds him of a certain animated classic. But who’s the tramp?

“The Canadian Gangster” won gold last year, and is looking to become a two-time PFL champ in November. After which, he told Cageside Press recently, he intends to take at least a year off.

Jason Miller pens heartfelt message, announces he’s in rehab

Whether you know Jason “Mayhem” Miller from his coaching stint opposite Michael Bisping on The Ultimate Fighter or from Bully Beatdown, there’s no question he’s been a big part of the MMA world for years. Unfortunately, newer fans might only know Mayhem for causing, well, a whole lot of Mayhem, with multiple incidents, arrests, and a stint in jail.

This past week, Miller opened up about it all in a heartfelt message posted to social media.

I went away for a couple of years to pay my debt to society, and when I got out, I realized that I have much more paying to do.

Maybe it’s hard for the average person to understand living with a stigma firmly etched into your life, so I can’t fault anyone for recoiling in horror upon meeting me, given the press that I get. I wish I were made of stone and didn’t allow it to affect me, but I have, and failed those that love me.

I thought I could smoothly transition from prison to the regular world, but things have been more difficult than I imagined, especially interpersonal relationships and the burden of being free.

Maybe some of you can understand and empathize, but I don’t expect you to, or even care what happens to an old prizefighter. I choose this path far before I realized what could happen after the glory faded away, and I ask myself sometimes if I knew the reality, would I have picked any differently, and consistently I come to the conclusion, that, no, the younger me at the wheel, I could’ve never picked a different path.

By all accounts I am a great coach, but all my personal problems have piled up, and I’ve fallen short of my own standards, therefore I am taking some time to work on myself. Until recently I viewed asking for help as something for the weak, but a very special person has shown me that the actual opposite is true; asking for help shows strength. Strength of character and strength of mind.

My family has bore the brunt of my frustration and self destructive behavior, so to them I offer a sincere apology and if I have directly affected you in a negative manner, I am sorry.

More than likely, you’ve seen the sunny side of Instagram and figured, “Mayhem is a bit whacky, but doing great.”

I haven’t.

I’ve been doing horrible and I realize that now and I’m doing everything I can to change it. Thank you for your support, but I’m not reading comments. I’m going to work on me now for the good of my family.

Sorry I won’t be into Fight Science for sparring tomorrow or New Ground Jujitsu for a while, but I have a bigger bout to win.

Much love,

Jason “Mayhem” Miller

Miller would later reveal on Twitter/X that he had entered rehab.

Miller’s foibles and fumbles have been numerous and covered ad nauseam so we’re not going to recap them all here. Here’s to hoping he finds the help he needs, as it sounds like he’s trying to turn over a new leaf.

Matt Riddle released by WWE, fans blame Dana White in new conspiracy theory

With the WWE and UFC coming together under the TKO Group banner, one athlete with experience on both sides of the fence is Matt Riddle.

Riddle had a nice little UFC career going including an epic battle against Canadian Sean Pierson in 2010, but was run out of the promotion by Dana White after repeatedly failing drug tests for cannabis — the rules around which, it should be noted, have been lessened by many athletic commissions in recent years.

White also took offense to Riddle saying he smoked weed so he wouldn’t go home and beat his wife and kids — a bit of dark humor the UFC exec clearly did no appreciate. White would go on to actually assault his wife in a well-publicized incident earlier this year, but regardless, Riddle has not fought in MMA since a 2014 bout in Titan FC.

What Riddle did do was transition to pro wrestling, where he became a bigger star than he ever was in the UFC. Making it all the way to WWE, Riddle portrayed a “bro” loosely based on Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and wound up in a hugely popular tag team with Randy Orton, RK-Bro.

However, this past week, WWE slashed talent in a widely expected cost-cutting effort following the merger of WWE and UFC under the TKO Group banner (the promotions are still run separately). Riddle, who recently accused a TSA employee at Kennedy International Airport of sexual assault during an incident during travel, was among the casualties.

Cue the conspiracy theories that White had something to do with Riddle’s release. Several users on Twitter/X were quick to suggest as much, and an old video of White ripping Riddle resurfaced online.