Fabian Edwards Wants To Turn Johnny Eblen Back Into A ‘Panic Wrestler’ in Title Fight

This coming Saturday Bellator middleweight, Fabian Edwards, will look to hand the current champion, Johnny Eblen, his first career loss.

Edwards is coming off the back of two impressive victories over MMA legends, Lyoto Machida and Gegard Mousasi. His win over “The Dreamcatcher” came in a five round main event, the first of his 14 fight career.

“The Assassin” explained at Bellator 299 media day, how beneficial it was to get that five round main event experience before going in to challenge for the title. “To be honest, I was more happy that I beat him over the five rounds than taking him out in a round. That showed I can stay locked in a fight for 25 minutes. That said a lot about my skillset.”

Throughout the build-up to this middleweight matchup, the two have criticised eachother’s skillset and hinted at ways that they’re going to expose one another. That didn’t change at media day either as Fabian stated that he wants to revert Eblen back into a ‘panicky wrestler’ while stating what he needs to do to win the title.

“Be Fabian Edwards. Be Fabian Edwards and that’s to land heavy shots on him, make him uncomfortable in there and turn him into a panicky wrestler. At heart that’s what he is so you’re always going to go back to what you are and by me making him realise that real quick.” Fabian said.

The 30-year-old is looking to make history by simultaneously holding a title in a major promotion alongside his brother, Leon. Fabian admitted that it would be ‘crazy’ but that’s what they have always envisioned.

“That’s going to be crazy. That’s what we envisioned. When I signed for Bellator I said that’s what I’m going to do. I came here to get a belt, I didn’t come here to take part and then fade away into the background, I came here to get a belt and I’m one fight away from that.” Edwards said.

Check out the full media day with Fabian Edwards above.