Seung Woo Choi Trained With The Korean Zombie For Errens Fight

Coming into a big fight card with three consecutive losses is UFC featherweight Seung Woo Choi, but he’s confident he can snap that streak at UFC Singapore on Saturday against Jarno Errens.

“When I lost twice in a row I did feel pressure, but then after the third loss I kind of like let everything go,” Choi told reporters through a translator on Thursday.

“I don’t really feel that pressure. I feel much more relaxed. I’m able to focus on this fight and not feel pressure, and enjoy the fight.”

Looking to grab a win and get back on track, he’ll get his chance against Errens, who he feels isn’t nearly as tough as he is. He counts on toughness to win his fight at UFC Singapore.

“I’m definitely tougher than my opponent. In every department like striking, wrestling and cardio, I think I’m better than my opponent,” he said.

The South Korean will be on a card headlined by one of his country’s heroes in Chang Sung Jung, The Korean Zombie, who has put Korean MMA on the map for years.

“When I was preparing for this fight I trained with The Korean Zombie. Everyday I woke up and I trained with Korean Zombie. Whenever I looked at him I as inspired because he’s been in the top ranking for over a decade,” Choi said.

“So whenever I look at him and train with him I was able to overcome any hardships that came within the camp. It was a very important and happy time for me to be able to train with Korean Zombie.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Seung Woo Choi above. He takes on Jarno Errans at UFC Singapore on Saturday.