UFC 292: Ian Machado Garry Says Beatdown of “Scumbag” Neil Magny Was “Justice”

Boston, MA — Welterweight Ian Machado Garry appears on the cusp of stardom following UFC 292.

Like Conor McGregor before him, the Irish fighter is something of a divisive figure. Ahead of Saturday’s fight against Neil Magny in Boston, Garry had labelled his opponent a child abuser. That stemmed from Magny claiming he “whupped” his kids, which was taken by some as meaning discipline, i.e. a spanking — but not by Garry.

Regardless of what the truth of the matter is, it was Garry putting on the whupping at the TD Garden.

“I f*cking told you guys, I’m so good. And I don’t sit here like a d*ckhead saying it. I’ve trained with the best in the world. I know what I’m capable of,” Garry (13-0) stated. “I know what I’m able to go in there and do to these people. My timing, my speed is just different, but it’s my intelligence. It’s my intelligence.”

“Today I could have absolutely went there and go that finish, or I could have got choked out because I was silly and made a mistake. So what I did was I just took my time. I clinically just disposed of him in every single which way.”

“Who’s done that to Magny?” Garry went on to question. “Nobody. When was the last time you heard a 30-24? Khabib-Barboza maybe? A long time ago. Well I just did it tonight.”

Lest you think the bad blood between Ian Machado Garry and Neil Magy was over after the fight — to be fair you probably didn’t, given the pair having words even after the fight was over — think again. Garry doubled down on his criticism of the UFC’s most experienced welterweight (not to mention wins leader) following the bout.

“Magny’s a scumbag. And I’m glad I f*cking went down and gave him a hurting. Because the sh*t he said at that press conference to you guys last week — I don’t know how many of you picked up on that by the way. The first second I heard it, I was like ‘what did he say?’ I paused, I was like ‘sorry, sorry, sorry, I must have misunderstood that.’ I watched it again, I was like ‘oh my goodness. You cannot say something like that and get away with it.'”

Magny’s comments about putting hands on his child lit something in him, he agreed. “F*cking right it did. It’s justice.”

Garry acknowledges that he himself was subjected to physical discipline as a kid. He simply doesn’t agree with it now. “You break the cycle,” he stated, then responded to some of the online commentary that emerged this week. “If you want to be better and you want to change the world, don’t do what you don’t want [done to yourself]. Break the f*cking cycle, be a better human, be a better man, and let’s change the f*cking world. And don’t ever, ever, ever touch a f*cking kid.”

Watch the full UFC 292 post-fight press conference with Ian Machado Garry above.