BTC 21’s Tony Laramie Looking for Opportunity to Prove He’s the Best

Kitchener, ON — Rising flyweight prospect Tony Laramie improved his current win streak to six at BTC 21 on Saturday, knocking out opponent Daniel Nunez in just 33 seconds.

If you recognize the Laramie name, it’s for good reason. Brother T.J. Laramie won his way into the UFC via Dana White’s Contender Series a couple of seasons ago. Tony, who fights at flyweight, may very well be next up after a dominant showing at The Aud in Kitchener, Ontario on Saturday.

“I feel like I get better every time I step into the octagon, and I prove it every time by getting better and better finishes, better and better performances,” Laramie (7-2) told Cageside Press following the fight.

The right hand that ended the night for Nunez was no surprise to Laramie, who predicted just that all along. “I called it since I signed this fight— I’m going to knock him out in the first round with the right hand. And that’s exactly what I did tonight.”

Following the win, Laramie spoke to color commentator Josh Hill (who has his own fight with Bellator MMA coming up) about the potential of heading to the big show next, specifically the UFC. “I’ve never been in a boring fight, never been in a bad fight,” Laramie later told us. “All I do is keep racking up wins until I get that call. That’s all I can do.”

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the UFC, though they obviously have the most developed flyweight division at this point. “I’m open to anything to be honest. I’m just trying to prove I’m the best,” said Laramie. “I just want the opportunity to prove I’m the best.”

As for a potential return date, “maybe December, but we’ll play it by ear.”

Watch our full interview with BTC 21 winner Tony Laramie above.