Ketlen Vieira Says Pennington Deserves Title Shot, But Not Peña

London, UK – UFC bantamweight Ketlen Vieira is willing to admit that Raquel Pennington deserves to fight for the title next, but can’t say the same for Julianna Peña, she said at her post-fight scrum at UFC London on Saturday.

“I’ll call it like I see it. I like people to be fair with me so I’ll be fair with them. I think Raquel Pennington deserves it. She’s coming off 5 wins. A lot of people think that I beat her, but I’m not here to cry over that,” Vieira told reporters including Cageside Press through a translator.

“I do think she deserves it.”

Pennington is one thing, but Peña is quite another in Vieira’s opinion.

“Julianna Peña it doesn’t make too much sense for someone coming off a loss to be fighting for the title.”

Vieira didn’t throw her name in the hat in terms of deserving a title shot, but knows that the road to the title goes through her.

“I see myself as being the person that if you want to get to the belt you’ve got to go through me,” she said.

At UFC London Vieira took on the tough Pannie Kianzad who was coming off a long layoff due to injury, and proved to be a tough out for her on Saturday night.

“I’ve never had an easy run in the UFC. I’ve always faced names. I don’t believe in shortcuts, I believe you always have to face the toughest challenges, and I knew Pannie was going to be a tough challenge,” she said.

“I really believe that you show your worth when you fight three rounds. Not just when you land a lucky shot or a lucky knockout. I knew it was going to be a tough fight. I knew that she was going to come in strong. I don’t feel that I’m better than anyone, but I showed that I’m better over three rounds.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Ketlen Vieira above.