Chris Curtis Speaks On Mental Hurdles, Baby On The Way

Las Vegas, NV – UFC middleweight Chris Curtis has gotten a run of rotten luck lately, but he’s back with a better mindset, a fight coming up, and a baby on the way.

“It’s a little rough man. Just because (I) had two fights to go like this. Am I doing something, are they doing something? Kind of got to accept like if I didn’t have bad luck I’d have no luck,” Curtis told Cageside Press at UFC X on Saturday.

“It sucks man, but I’ve had a lot of people kind of come up to me ‘hey man like there’s things beyond your control. You just gotta keep moving forward. It’s over you can’t change the outcome, you can’t change what happened in there. Keep going forward because the longer you carry it the heavier it gets and the worse you’re going to perform in the future.'”

This is when the mental side of the fight game becomes so important. Coming off a loss, and then a no contest due to a head butt where Curtis suffered an eye injury that left him with blurred vision, he had to work on his mindset.

“I’m trying to really work mentally on letting sh*t go. Just moving forward and being in the present. Big thing is now tell myself it’s over, it’s gone, the bad luck, the losses, they’ve got to be in the past. You can only live in the present. Don’t worry about the future, don’t worry about the past, live in the present and move on,” he said.

“It’s a work in progress.”

Staying in the present is going to be more important than ever as Curtis and his family are expecting a child in October.

“So here’s the fun thing. My first son is 15-years-old. He’ll be 16 October 2nd. My child on the way will be born October 23rd. My mother laughs at me she’s like ‘You waited ’till you’re at the finish line to start over like an idiot.’ I’m like yes mom I did, thank you,” he said.

“So my son’s grown up watching me fight. I’m kind of curious how the new one will be because I’m towards the end of my career so by the time he cares I’m probably going to be retired.”

Watch the entire UFC X interview with Chris Curtis above.