Cory McKenna Down to Fight Tabatha Ricci, Or Anyone Else for That Matter

Las Vegas, NV — Welsh strawweight Cory McKenna last fought in December, extending her current win streak to two with a decision win over Cheyanne Vlismas.

Now, the 23-year old nicknamed “Poppins” is looking to get back in action.

“I would love to fight soon. I’m working on a getting a fight booked, working on getting back up there,” McKenna (8-2) told Cageside Press during UFC X this past Friday. “I’m really excited, and it’s great to be around UFC X and seeing how much support everybody has here.”

Team Alpha MMA’s Maycee Barber and Song Yadong are among McKenna’s teammates who have had great success of late, and that’s been motivating her to get back to work as well.

“Everyone’s been having so much success, it definitely makes me want to stay active, get back in there. It just keeps that excitement alive, and I’m so happy for everybody, they’re all amazing people and it’s great to see their dreams coming true.”

Since moving to the U.S., both of McKenna’s fights have come in Las Vegas, but she’d be willing to fight closer to home as well, if her visa situation allows for it.

“I’m happy to fight where ever, as long as it makes sense for the career. I would love to keep moving on up,” said McKenna. “But I’m just grateful for all the opportunities I have. I’m not to sure how it works with the visa, honestly, I think I have to stay in America. But I don’t know, the UFC has a team that handles of all that. Honestly I’m happy to go where ever and take the opportunities where they come.”

As to who she might fight, “Honestly I hate asking for people in particular because I know there’s so many girls in the division, and there’s so many opportunities to keep moving up, said McKenna.

One name, however, did come to mind. “Tabatha Ricci just fought and won, she’s on the lower end of the rankings now. That would be a great fight. They tried to make that one before, I think I had an injury or something.”

“So I would take that, that would make sense to me but I’m happy to fight anybody, I really am and I’m not just saying that to be corny like everyone else. I am just happy to fight everybody and I’m just grateful for the opportunities they give me, so if they want something else, they have something else in mind in mind, cool.”

Watch our full interview with UFC strawweight Cory McKenna above.