Alonzo Menifield Reveals What He Told Jimmy Crute Following Their Fight At UFC 290

Las Vegas, NV – Finally after their first fight ended in a majority draw UFC light heavyweight Alonzo Menifield was able to close the chapter with Jimmy Crute when he finished him at UFC 290 on Saturday night.

“I felt like I was in cement. So to get this W, and the way I did it, I’m like yeah,” Menifield told reporters including Cageside Press on Saturday night.

“This felt like a hell of a long, long, long camp. I kept thinking about that third round and I was disgusted. So I didn’t give a damn. I was ready.”

This time around Menifield took advantage of a tired Crute to put the finishing touches on a guillotine choke to get the submission win.

“He was going for the single leg, and based on his head position going to my right, I said there it is. And I clamped him,” he said.

“First I was going to go for a true guillotine and then the way his head rolled to the right, I went over the shoulder and clamped it.”

Following the fight Crute was seen taking his gloves off almost as to signal that this was it for him, but his coaches seemed to be able to talk him out of it for the moment. Menifield saw it and went over to say a few words to his opponent.

“Jimmy Crute is young. When you fall down, I just wanted him to know, you get back up. We all been there as fighters, as people in life, so for him it’s like hey man keep going. You young as sh*t,” he said.

Aside from the draw against Crute the first time around, Menifield has three straight victories in the octagon. With that kind of momentum comes the ability to ask for a bigger fight.

“Give me the fights. Give me the dinero (money). With that I’m happy,” he said.

“I’ve got six people including myself to provide to. Whoever. Line them up.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Alonzo Menifield above.