Ariane Lipski Was Front Row For Amanda Nunes Last Camp, “It’s An Honor For Me.”

Las Vegas, NV – In the middle of training for her fight at UFC Vegas 76 on Saturday night flyweight Ariane Lipski got a front row seat the retirement of Amanda Nunes which she says was very inspirational.

“It was such an inspiration. I know how this (was) a great opportunity for me. To see her train the way she does. Had the opportunity to learn from her,” Lipski told reporters on Wednesday.

“She is always there to try to help out. Even though (she was) in training camp she’ll look at me on the mat and see I’m (making) mistakes.”

Lipski said that Nunes would correct her mistakes even in the middle of her own championship fight camp.

“(Always) trying to give me some advice that could make me (a) better (fighter) so she’s great. I’m a big fan of hers,” she said.

“It’s an honor for me.”

On Saturday night Lipski matches up with Melissa Gatto who is coming off a year-long layoff. She last fought at UFC 274 in May 2022.

“Melissa has a good grappling game, a good ground game, control game. I believe as an MMA fighter she has improved her striking,” she said.

“The plan is go there, show my game, and fight for the win from the beginning to the end.”

With 2023 at the halfway point Lipski could squeeze in one more fight this year before looking at possibilities in 2024.

“I’ve been talking to my head coach Renato (Silva) we plan to fight three times this year. Let’s see what’s going to happen after this fight,” said Lipski.

“We were looking for a fight in December. I don’t know where, but we really want to fight one more time.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Ariane Lispki above. She faces Melissa Gatto at UFC Vegas 76 on Saturday night.