UFC Jacksonville: Chepe Mariscal Wins Wild, Memorable Fight with Trevor Peek

Trevor Peek and Jose Mariscal, UFC Jacksonville
Trevor Peek and Jose Mariscal, UFC Jacksonville ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

One of a handful of newcomers on the UFC Jacksonville card on Saturday was Chepe Mariscal, stepping up to face Trevor Peek.

Mariscal was filling in for Victor Martinez, taking the tried and true path of salvaging a fight to earn his spot in the UFC. And if you’d paid attention to the lightweight prospect, you knew you were in for something special.

That’s just what fans got at UFC Jacksonville, with one of the best fights of the year playing out on the preliminary card.

Mariscal opened up the fight with a series of kicks mixing it up. Soon after he caught Peek coming in with a counter right. Peek got inside and started throwing heavy blows creating a dogfight. Mariscal hit a judo throw but Peek jumped up quickly and was throwing away. Mariscal hurt Peek in the clinch with a knee and hit another hip toss and then got onto the back. For a moment he looked like he had the RNC but Peek escaped and got back to his feet. Peek was marching forward throwing big kicks and looping punches that did seem to stun Mariscal briefly. At one point, Peek was throwing his patented standing hammer fists, throwing caution to the wind before Mariscal got another takedown. Peek did scramble but Mariscal was able to win the top position and ended the round with Peek getting to his feet. Pure madness in the first round.

In round two things started a little slower. Mariscal landed a good counter strike as Peek clinched up. Clinching had been a problem for Peek as Mariscal scored another easy takedown. Peek did get back to his feet and landed a few heavy shots to the body. Peek was extremely tired just slipping to the mat and letting Mariscal mount him. Mariscal was sloppy on the back falling off letting Peek on top. Mariscal was able to cut the corner and create a scramble getting on top and back to the feet. To close the round Mariscal landed a few good knees and a nice left hand in the clinch.

In the final round Peek had the first big moment with some clubbing punches putting Mariscal against the cage. Peek was still coming forward throwing hammers. It came at a cost as Mariscal was the one landing clean but Peek was insanely tough taking everything. Mariscal was the cleaner striker however landing the one-two and catching Peek as he was coming forward. Mariscal landed a good front kick to the face which Peek just ate no problem. With a minute left Peek landed some good power shots. It was Mariscal that ended the fight in a big way landing a front kick and a series of output that almost put Peek away. Amazing scrap both and a brilliant effort put forth by both men — but it was Chepe Mariscal coming away with the victory.

Official Result: Chepe Mariscal def. Trevor Peek by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)