PFL 5: Ante Delija Wants to Conquer Second PFL Season, Fight Ngannou to Prove Who Is #1 Heavyweight

Atlanta, GA — 2022 PFL heavyweight champion Ante Delija is getting a late start to his season, with his first fight coming against Maurice Greene in the main event of PFL 5 this Friday in Atlanta.

Delija more than likely needs a finish to make the post-season, so it’s a good thing he hunts for those anyway. As he put it, he intends to “go for the kill on Friday night, and advance to the playoffs,” he said via translator during this week’s PFL 5 media day.

Besides, as Delija also noted, “it’s a waste of time if you don’t go for the finish from the first second. Because people are here to see the fight, not to see some stalling.”

Forced to sit out the PFL’s April stint in Las Vegas, Delija admitted that “I was very sad that I only watched the fight. I had a good opponent which I could beat, and then go to the playoffs. But now I’m here, I’m ready, and let’s go.”

Delija also has a scenario in mind that he wants to play out, and it involves more than just repeating as champion. Rather, he wants to land a big ticket fight with recent PFL acquisition Francis Ngannou.

“I’m very motivated to conquer again this belt, and then fight Francis Ngannou. Because Ngannou is ranked #1 in the world at heavyweight, and I also think that I’m #1 ranked in the world,” noted Delija. “So of course I’m going to go for it.”

Watch the full 2023 PFL 5 media day appearance by Ante Delija above.