Archie Colgan Looks To Prove Himself Against Tough Veteran Sanchez

Chicago, IL – Bellator lightweight Archie Colgan may be the favorite at Bellator 297 on Friday night, but he knows he has a dangerous opponent with a lot more experience in front of him in the form of Emmanuel Sanchez.

“He’s about as big a name as you get in Bellator at least. I think this will be his 20th Bellator fight with me,” Colgan told reporters including Cageside Press on Tuesday.

“That’s a seasoned veteran.”

Sanchez is known as a tough out for anyone and as dangerous as they come. Even with his current 4-fight losing streak no one is really itching for a fight with ‘El Matador’, but Colgan is game.

“I understand what the task is. I understand what he brings to the table. Had 8-10 weeks to think about it, and to watch video and to see who he is as a person, as a fighter. He’s a traditional Mexican-style hard-nosed fighter. He’s going to fight until the whistle, the bell, that 10-second dinger. Until that’s done he’s going to fight,” Colgan said.

“I understand what I’m getting myself into. I hope he does too.”

Ultimately this is a real test for Colgan taking on a veteran fighter with a lot more experience, and a tough style to take on. The reward for Colgan, should he be successful, is absolutely worth it to the young lightweight.

“I want to prove that to the people who are at the same level as me, to the people who were more experienced or at a higher level,” he said.

Watcht the entire media day scrum with Archie Colgan above. He takes on Emmanuel Sanchez at Bellator 297 on Friday night.