Dana White Lays Out Offer For Tyson Fury To Fight Jon Jones In The UFC

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury at the Los Angeles Press Conference for Fury vs Wilder 3. Photo: Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions

Las Vegas, NV – UFC president Dana White has heard all of the pundit that have been throwing around a potential super fight between Tyson Fury and Jon Jones for the past few weeks, and put out an offer to Fury for a fight in the octagon.

“I like Tyson Fury. I have a great relationship with Tyson Fury. So there’s this debate right now about the baddest man on the planet right? Jon Jones is the baddest man on the planet. There’s no doubt about it,” White told reporters at the UFC Vegas 74 post-fight scrum.

“If two guys fought, FOUGHT, in a fight who would win?”

The baddest man on the planet is a title usually reserved for the heavyweight champion of the world. The difference between boxing and MMA is clear with the rules and type of techniques allowed in a fight. Jones is clearly ahead when it comes to MMA.

“If you want to discuss another possible baddest man on the planet it would be Tyson Fury. In a boxing arena. We all know that if Jon Jones boxed Tyson Fury, Tyson Fury wins. All these boxing guys want to talk about this and they want to keep it in the ring,” White said.

White makes a good point that if they stuck to the sweet science Fury would likely best Jones in that type of fight. He instead proposed they do the fight in the UFC to find out who truly is the baddest man on the planet.

“I’m telling Tyson Fury whom I respect very much if you really want to find out who the baddest man on the planet is, I will make that fight. I will make Jon Jones vs. Tyson Fury in the octagon,” he said.

The fight would clearly be the biggest fight in recent memory if not of all time. With what could be the most watched fight of all time comes what would likely be one of the biggest purses we’ve seen in the sport.

“We figured out how to pay Floyd (Mayweather). We’ll figure out how to pay you too, Tyson. The offer is out there. If you want to do it in the UFC, I know he was messing around with MMA for a little while there, let’s do it. Let’s answer the question,” White said.

“You want the title of baddest man on the planet, let’s do it. I’m in.”

Fury has spoken on the fight already most recently going at UFC commentator Joe Rogan for saying Jones would beat him in an actual fight.

“I know he just called Joe Rogan a d*ck head or something because Rogan said that Jon Jones would win,” White laughed.

Ultimately the ball is now in Fury’s court on a potential fight with Jones, but White has basically put a stop to any potential boxing match between the two champions. If they want to find out who the baddest of the two is they’ve got to do it in the octagon.

“I’m saying instead of speculating, we can all talk about this forever, there’s only one way to find out,” he said.

“Let’s do it. I’m willing to do it. Tyson can call me himself. He has my number. We’ll get it done.”


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