Amir Albazi Details His Plan To Get The Next Shot At The Flyweight Title


Las Vegas, NV – Coming into his first UFC main event spot flyweight Amir Albazi is aiming at a title shot after he takes on Kai Kara-France at UFC Vegas 74 on Saturday night, no call out necessary.

“I don’t need to do a call out. After this fight they’re going to know I’m next. I know I’m next,” Albazi told reporters on Wednesday.

“I want to fight in Abu Dhabi for the title.”

Claim to the next shot at the belt, and even named where he wants it to go down, Albazi laid out the plan for how he intends to get there. It all begins with Kara-France.

“I’m going to finish Kai this Saturday night, and then I’m going to see how it plays out with (Alexandre) Pantoja and (Brandon) Moreno. Either one, may the best man win, and I’m next in Abu Dhabi,” he said.

Calling for a title shot when he’s just now fighting a ranked opponent in his first main event slot is a tall order in the eyes of many. Albazi doesn’t see why he shouldn’t be the next in line for the belt.

“It’s a lot of people that say that. They see my track record in the UFC, and they see names here and there. They’re like, ‘How can he jump to Kai Kara-France straight away?’. I’ve been trying to fight these guys,” he said.

“After every fight I’ve been trying to get ranked opponent. I’ve been calling these guys out.”

He’s not wrong. Albazi has asked for ranked opponents time and time again, and has even been booked against some. The injury bug shows no mercy regardless of how unfair it may be.

“I was booked against Alex Perez. He didn’t make it of course. Then I was booked with Brandon Royval. He got injured too so I’ve been trying to fight these top guys,” Albazi said.

“So when I got Kai, now I’m happy, we are finally here during fight week. And I’m going to show people why I’m the next champion.”

Kara-France (24-10) is no pushover in the flyweight division. In his first five-round bout Albazi isn’t worried about the longer fight nor does he believe he needs to go all 25 minutes in order to prove himself. Even if he tried.

“To be honest, even if I tried to do five rounds, I’m a finisher. I know I’m a finisher and my track record speaks for itself. I finished almost all my opponents,” Albazi said.

“So even if I tried to keep it for five rounds I’m going to finish the fight.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Amir Albazi above. He takes on Kai Kara-France in the main event of UFC Vegas 74 on Saturday night.


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