UFC Vegas 73: Michael Johnson Looks To Add Another Big Name To Long Resume


Las Vegas, NV – UFC lightweight Michael Johnson is embracing his OG status in MMA as he enters his 40th professional MMA bout at UFC Vegas 73 against Diego Ferreira on Saturday night.

“It’s not weird. It’s just life. That’s one thing I’ve been prepared for and looking forward to is having experience and being the older guy and experienced guy that a lot of these young fighters can come to for advice,” Johnson told reporters on Wednesday.

“Or if I can help out and just experience with everything. It feels great.”

To be able to mentor young fighters about the game is something Johnson seemed very proud of. With his time in MMA and the UFC he can shed light on how to maneuver this space for young fighters.

“I’m blessed that I can have the opportunity to show young fighters different things and different techniques on how to carry themselves and whatnot. Just teach them about the business,” he said.

“Because I’ve been through it all and I’ve seen it all. It’s alright.”

For as long as Johnson has been a professional fighter, more specifically with his time in the UFC, comes a ridiculous resume of opponents he has fought throughout the years.

“The best of the best. Where’s my credibility for fighting the best of the f*cking best for as long as I have? I’m not a guy to sit back and like want like notoriety or all that sh*t like I don’t care,” Johnson said.

“But guys look at my resume. Pay attention to what I’ve been doing, what I have been doing. Losses are not like, those guys remember the time they fought me, and you can ask those guys. I guarantee it, name the top 3 or 4 fights you guys remember, I guarantee I’m one of the first two names they’ll say.”

Now he takes on Ferreira at UFC Vegas 73 at the UFC APEX on Saturday night. Johnson looks to grow his resume once again.

“Like I said man I’m here. Putting another big name on that list, Diego Ferreira, like I don’t want the guys that look like tomato cans. I want the guys that are beating everybody. I want the guys that like can’t be beat. That’s my challenge,” said Johnson.

“That’s why I got into this game.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Michael Johnson above. He takes on Ferreira at UFC Vegas 73 on Saturday night.


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