UFC Vegas 73: Maheshate Took 5 Months Away To Improve Game, Strategy

Las Vegas, NV – Five months after his first UFC loss lightweight Maheshate Hayisaer returns to the octagon when he takes on Viacheslav Borshchev at UFC Vegas 73 on Saturday night.

“I definitely learned a lot. Specifically strategically, I learned a lot,” Maheshate told reporters through a translator on Wednesday.

The time off wasn’t unexpected or unwanted. Maheshate said he figured it would be a few months before he would get another opponent and another fight.

“Yes that’s (the) original plan. To take a fight around like 5 months,” he said.

He will meet Borshchev in the octagon on Saturday night. A fellow striker Borshchev comes into UFC Vegas 73 on a two-fight losing streak. His opponents have opted to wrestle rather than stand with the Russian kickboxer.

Maheshate didn’t have much to say about his opponent, literally.

“No comment,” was all Maheshate had to say about his opponent.

Putting two strikers in the octagon often turns the fight into a grappling match. With Borshchev having trouble in his previous couple fights in the wrestling department it would make sense if Maheshate attempted to take the Russian down.

“This is mixed martial arts. I will mix up and I have a lot of weapons in my arsenal,” Maheshate said.

“Yes definitely (this fight will be exciting).”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Maheshate above. He takes Viacheslav Borshchev at UFC Vegas 73 on Saturday night.