UFC Charlotte: Mandy Bohm Wins Rare Technical Decision After Two Fouls By Ji Yeon Kim

Ji Yeon Kim and Mandy Bohm, UFC
Ji Yeon Kim and Mandy Bohm, UFC Charlotte ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Bryson Hester/Cageside Press

UFC Veteran Ji Yeon Kim entered her fight at UFC Charlotte on a four-fight losing streak, though her last two were somewhat controversial decisions. Her opponent, Mandy Bohm, was a fitting one as she lost both of her UFC fights coming into this bout, although she entered the UFC undefeated in 2021.

The very first right hand of the fight from Kim wobbled Bohm in the first five seconds. Bohm was able to clinch up when Kim rushed in, though, and take her down. Kim got to her feet but Bohm got on her back and wrapped her arms around Kim’s neck, but the angle was off. Kim was able to slowly turn into her and end up on top in full guard. Kim was able to stay strong on top and get the back of Mandy around the halfway mark of the round with one hook in. However, Bohm was able to get out of the position and end up on top by the end of the round.

Round two started back on the feet, of course, where both ladies swung somewhat wildly until Bohm shot an early takedown which was stuffed. Bohm was able to get double underhooks and control Kim in the clinch for a while off of that failed takedown until Kim reversed her. Kim used a whizzer to take Bohm down but Bohm somewhat went to her back by choice, it seemed, as she initially stuffed the trip attempt. By the time one minute was left in the round Bohm got to her feet  and then shot a takedown into a guillotine with forty-five seconds left. The guillotine put pressure on the neck of the German, Bohm, but she was able to survive in the choke attempt until the end of the round. There was a potential controversy after the bell as Kim upkicked Bohm in the stomach and pushed her off her feet, though she appeared to apologize immediately.

When the third round started the referee took a point from Kim for that strike at the end of round two, changing the fight in a potentially big way. Bohm clinched up to start the final round but Kim reversed the position and held Mandy against the fence. Kim forced Bohm to bend over and put her hand on the ground but then Kim committed another serious foul as she kneed her grounded opponent in the head. After much discussion with the referee and the doctor, it was determined that Mandy Bohm could not continue and the referee waved the fight off.

It was presumed that this would result in a disqualification, not a no contest or technical decision, but the fans have to wait until the result is announced to find out in these instances.

However, it was then revealed that the referee thought the knee was unintentional and that he took a point during the break, after the fight was called off. No one knew what the result would be when the judges scorecards were tallied up for the rare technical decision, which took a long time. The camera showed Bruce Buffer talking to judges and presumably to members of the North Carolina Athletic Commission; the UFC broadcast team later revealed that the judges had returned their scorecards prior to the second point deduction, meaning they had to be returned for scores to be re-tallied.

The split technical decision, after several minutes of deliberation, went to Mandy Bohm. Even though she only won one round on two judges scorecards that was enough with the two point deductions.

Official Result: Mandy Bohm def. Ji Yeon Kim by Technical Split Decision (28-27, 27-28, 28-27)


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