UFC Charlotte: Tim Means Says Morono Fight “Has Violence Written All Over It”

Charlotte, NC — “The Dirty Bird” lands in North Carolina this week, with welterweight veteran Tim Means facing Alex Morono at UFC Charlotte.

The promotion’s first trip to Charlotte since 2017 airs on ABC, bringing with it the potential of a much larger audience than normal. There’s a good reason for the fight’s card placement, and it’s the violent nature of the affair.

“Alex Morono, man, violent fighter. Good guy, you back a good guy in the corner, poke a dog with a stick, and you get bit,” Means (32-14-1, 1NC) observed during this week’s media day. “And I think you got both of that on both aspects of this. This fight has violence written all over it.”

Speaking to media outlets including Cageside Press, Means fielded a question on the type of fight he expected.

“I think we’re both technical guys that get behind rangy jabs and long left or right hands.” said Means. “I think there’s going to be good exchanges or whatever, but I think there’s going to be a big shot that does land, and this fight won’t go the distance.”

If there’s one finish he might be most happy with, meanwhile, it’s the body shot.

“I like body shots, I’ve been playing a lot with body shots and leg kicks or whatever. Hate to pinpoint down to one thing, but if I can get a cool knockout moment, it’s going to be a walk-off liver shot.”

Tim Means is a veteran of both the sport, and the UFC itself. As to what keeps him going at this stage of his career, “I enjoy competition, I enjoy competing,” explained Means. “Part of it— When I first started this, hell you could have a beer and grab a hot dog at the bar and go get in a fight. Now they’ve got all this damn science in this, you’ve got to eat this food to not get sore over here and do this.”

Means added that he carries “a lot on my shoulder in my community,” and aims to lead by example. “I expect my wrestlers on my team to show up to practice, and if I’m enforcing them to be at practice, I’ve got to be at practice too. And I expect the same from my coaches to be on me and expect me to be there too.”

At 39, Means knows his window in fighting is closing — but all these years later, “it’s just as exciting as if I was walking here for my first fight.”

Watch the full UFC Charlotte media day appearance by Tim Means above.