Bellator 295: Kana Watanabe Down For Carmouche Rematch


Honolulu, HI – Styles make fights is the saying we’re used to in MMA, but when you get two fighters who are both specialists in the same area at a high-level it can make for an interesting fight. Bellator flyweight Kana Watanabe doesn’t mind the challenge when she faces Ilima-Lei Macfarlane at Bellator 295 on Saturday night.

“Yeah I can tell Ilima-Lei is a really good grappler, but I’m also confident in grappling,” Watanabe told reporters including Cageside Press through a translator on Wednesday.

“If the fight turns into striking that’s not a problem for me.”

When you get two very good grapplers in the cage the skillsets can cancel each other out turning it into a stand-up fight very quickly.

“I have watched her past bouts a lot and I studied a lot on her fighting styles and patterns. I’m ready for it,” she said.

Watanabe (11-1) hasn’t even fought Macfarlane yet, but the division’s champion has already called for a rematch of their bout from 2021. Liz Carmouche wants to make sure that there is no doubt that she beat Watanabe fair and square.

“I’m very happy that Liz (is) a champion (and) is wishing for me to fight again with her. I wasn’t able to show my own strength last time so in the next match against her I want to show my strength more,” she told Cageside Press.

Watch the entire media day scrum with Kana Watanabe above. She takes on Ilia-Lei Macfarlane at Bellator 295 on Saturday night in Honolulu, HI.


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