2023 PFL 3: Denis Goltsov Believes He Has “Big Chance” With Delija Out

Las Vegas — Starting his season just a little later than the rest of the heavyweight pack, Denis Goltsov picked up six points care of a first round finish of UFC vet Cezar Ferreira at the 2023 PFL 3 card on Friday.

Ferreira was stepping up on short notice in the bout, and Goltsov was no doubt happy just to have a fight. Originally scheduled for a week prior, Goltsov’s fight was delayed due to visa issues, he confirmed to media outlets including Cageside Press. He also went through four different opponents, with Ferreira the one that stuck.

“I’m feeling good. After a win, you know, every fighter is feeling good,” Goltsov (30-7) said with a laugh. “Feeling more better than before.”

As for all the turmoil, “it was my fourth opponent in this fight. But you know, nobody can say that he 100% will fight,” he pointed out. Anything can happen, from injury to flight troubles, Goltsov added.

Getting started a week after the rest of the heavyweights, Goltsov did keep his eye on some of the fights that transpired at PFL 2. “Not every fight, but I know a lot of guys from last season, and every seasons. And I watched not every fight, but the main people,” he noted.

It was Ante Delija who Goltsov expected to be the biggest threat this season. “I think Ante was champion, but I don’t know why he did not fight last week. But I think he’s number one.”

Informated the Delija was out for the year, Goltsov was caught by surprise. “I didn’t know about [that]. I thought about, he would have a fight in the next part, in June.” With the realization that the champ won’t be back, “I think I have a chance, big chance,” Goltsov stated.

With nearly 40 fights to his name, Russia’s Denis Goltsov is still young for the weight class at 32. And while he’ll have one week less to prepare for his next fight than the rest of the heavyweight division, he’s not concerned.

“Professional fighters prepare every time in a year. It doesn’t matter when he has a fight,” he explained. “You can do the main part of your camp preparing before the fight, about three weeks before the fight.”

Watch the full 2023 PFL 3 post-fight press scrum with Denis Goltsov above.