UFC Kansas City’s Bruna Brasil: Looking to Maximize Spotlight

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression and did Bruna Brasil ever make good on that. She showed up for her Contender Series bout and proceeded to kick Marnic Mann’s head into next week. The knockout not only earned her a shiny UFC contract, but also got the attention of the media and the brass as well.

“It was really cool. There was a lot of repercussions of this knockout. All of the places here in Brazil and outside of Brazil, the UFC – they were all talking about it,” Brasil said speaking through teammate Caio Borralho as an interpretor. “It was amazing to hear from the boss [Dana White] that it was one of the best knockouts of the Contender Series – I never imagined that in my life, to see him talking like this about me.”

Now Brasil looks to maximize the amount of hypoe she can get off that viral KO. To do so, she started her own vlog series with the idea of trying to get attention in markets that she would otherwise have missed.

“My goal with this was I always wanted to reach the maximum amount of people as possible because I know this is important for the business and the UFC,” she said. “I know that people near to hear about it, to know what you are doing.”

But she knows that just getting the attention is only half the battle. She knows that an encore performance is what is needed to solidify the spotlight and make sure people know her as a name to keep an eye on – and that’s exactly what she’s predicting.

“I feel it’s going to be a second round knockout,” Brasil said. “It’s going to be the second round because people deserve this kind of emotion in the first.”

Brasil’s debut fight in the UFC will come this weekend at UFC Kansas City. She’ll face Denise Gomes on the ESPN+ preliminary card.