UFC 287: Sam Hughes Rains on Parade of Debuting Jaqueline Amorim

Jaqueline Amorim and Sam Hughes, UFC 287
Jaqueline Amorim and Sam Hughes, UFC 287 weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

Former LFA women’s strawweight champion Jaqueline Amorim was the lone debuting fighter on Saturday’s UFC 287 card, kicking off the prelims against Sam Hughes.

Now a six-fight veteran of the UFC, Hughes was an Invicta FC veteran who had seen a two-fight win streak snapped in her last outing, against Piera Rodriguez.

Amorim, meanwhile, was undefeated, and a bonafide threat on the ground.

To open up the fight it was Amorim throwing volume on the outside. A few times Amorim landed her looping right hand. Hughes was walking forward but not throwing anything. Instead, she ended up walking right into a takedown from Amorim.

While that could have been dicey, Amorim was too aggressive on the back, and she lost position and let Hughes back up. Staying on the bone Amorim kept on the high crotch takedown and got the fight back down. Amorim that time got her hooks in and put in a deep rear-naked choke. Somehow Hughes escaped and got to her feet but with Amorim still on her back. Against Amorim locked in the rear-naked choke and Hughes fell back to the mat. Again Hughes was toughing it out and she survived the round. Amorim did land another right hand right at the bell.

In round two, Huges came forward with pressure and was forcing Amorim to pull guard. Amorim was able to pull guard and pull Hughes in her guard. It didn’t work out for Amorim as she held the body triangle until Hughes got right back up. Amorim was definitely gassed as she kept shooting too far out and then pulling guard. Even when Amorim was getting Hughes in her guard she wasn’t doing anything. Amorim did go for a heel hook at the end of the round but Hughes had everything scouted.

In the final round, things started with forward pressure from Hughes. Every time they would clash Amorim would just fall to her back. Hughes was happy to be in guard as she was doing all the offensive work. Hughes hung around in the guard for a large amount of time landing some good ground and pound. Amorim was let back up but just crumbled back down with Hughes came forward.

On the scorecards, it was Hughes taking the second and third round — zero surprise. Hughes rained all over the parade that was Amorim’s UFC debut, taking her undefeated record in the process.

Official Result: Sam Hughes def. Jaqueline Amorim by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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