UFC 287: Raul Rosas Jr. Says PPV Spot Was Earned Through “Hard Work”

Undefeated bantamweight Raul Rosas Jr. turns heads as much for his age as his unblemished record.

Still just 18-years old, Rosas Jr. (7-0) returns to action this Saturday at UFC 287, kicking off the PPV main card in Miami, Florida.

Despite the success he’s had early in his career, things haven’t changed much for the fighter — who actually inked a deal with the company at just 17.

“The only difference is the fame, being more recognized,” Rosas Jr. told reporters during Wednesday’s UFC 287 media day. “But I’m still the same kid, just chasing my dreams. That’s pretty much it.”

Believe it or not, none of his early success has caught “El Nino Problema” by surprise.

“No, everything’s been exactly how I planned it,” he stated. “Exactly how I visualized it. Just coming into reality, exactly how I did.” Not even his PPV placement, in a fight with Christian Rodriguez, has given Rosas Jr. pause, though it has drawn criticism from some fellow fighters.

“I’m not surprised. This spot on the PPV, it wasn’t given, it was earned. I earned it with all my hard work, and just everything I do,” Rosas Jr. exclaimed. “I think I’m a PPV fighter. I’m the perfect fighter to open up this PPV card, because not only am I a fighter, but I’m also a showman, a performer. So I’m going to go out there and put on a show, and get the people turned up for the rest of the card.”

As for those of his peers who are critical, “at the end of the day, they’re all just hating, and they should take some notes if they want to be on the PPV card,” said Rosas Jr. “They should take some notes and learn some stuff from me. I’ve already got in the UFC, and I’m already on the PPV, not like other great fighters that are prelim fighters.”

Watch the full UFC 287 media day appearance by Raul Rosas Jr. above.