UFC 287: Chris Curtis Not Sure Which Gastelum Shows Up On Saturday


Miami, FL – Much like when people describe fighters as, for example, “Motivated” Conor McGregor or “Sea-Level” Cain Velasquez, UFC middleweight Chris Curtis is curious to see which Kelvin Gastelum shows up to UFC 287 on Saturday night.

“This is a hard camp for me man. There’s a tale of two Kelvins. Are you going to get the guy that fought Izzy (Adesanya) and made him fight his ass off. Or are you going to get the guy who’s like eating burritos the week before fight week,” Curtis told reporters on Wednesday.

“So you never know what form of Kelvin you’re going to get. Maybe somewhere in the middle is his true form. Who knows.”

So who does Curtis hope shows up on fight night?

“Give me the burrito guy honestly. I’m totally fine with that. Here’s the thing guys. I love fighting, I love like the violence of it, I love the aspect of it. So part of me is like I do want the best Kelvin. We can go out there and have a war, and I do want to have a war,” he said.

“But I’m like if I can just have the burrito guy and just kind of like go beat him up…I’ll take either or. At this point in my life man like I want to go hang out in Miami. I don’t want to go do that sh*t all bruised up. I’ll fight the burrito guy. If he shows up like cool.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Chris Curtis above. He takes on Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 287 on Saturday night in Miami, FL.


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